Month: June 2009

Better Numbers Better Connections

This last week I had a number of podcast listeners contact me about the fact that I have removed most of my archived segments from my podcast site. Let me assure you that I am currently working on a special project that will allow all of you to not only access those podcast archives but…

What is the world coming to?

This is a question, I often remember my father asking, normally the question was followed by his sense of dismay about how some innovation was likely to ruin the way things have always been done. While I typically, think of myself as someone eager and ready to embrace change, I found myself sounding a lot…

Get Off The Phone!

Two times, in as many days, I went into a retail store only to be served by people who were on the phone. In one case, I couldn’t find any one in the store. After about 5 minutes, I roamed toward the back and poked my head into an office, where a woman motioned something…


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