Month: November 2013

How to Create Seasonally Relevant Customer Experiences

For many, the most magical time of the year is fast approaching.  One indicator that we are on the cusp of the holidays is the presence of Starbucks’ seasonal red cups.  The next several weeks are so often a whirlwind of activity with good intentions to stop and connect…but sometimes few opportunities to actually do…

Customer Experience – Is it Care or Speed?

Recently, I shared a failed service experience I had at a sandwich shop and as a result several people contacted me and offered up what I can best describe as “service horror stories.”  Rather than miring us down in those negative interactions, I thought I would simply do a series of quick blogs on what…

Why having a heart for Military Veterans matters!

As we formally honor our country’s military veterans this week, Starbucks is set to hire 10,000 veterans and active duty spouses over the next five years. A classic win-win, this strategy enables Starbucks to capitalize on the unique skills sets of these highly trained individuals while helping to reduce the high rate of unemployment often…


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