Month: January 2014

If You Don’t Have Passion for Your Product, Why Should Your Customer?

It’s a nice daydream, right? Feeling, or better yet, actually being ahead of the game? Sometimes trying to get on top of all your day-to-day business realities seems futile at best. At the end of the day you may feel more like a firefighter and less like a business owner or leader, managing the emergencies…

A Case Study for 2014 – Learning from Legendary Leaders

In the spirit of being lifelong learners this new year, and every year for that matter, let me share a new word  I learned recently:  holacracy.  I am assuming you may have see this word buzzing around the Web lately. My connection to the word comes through Tony Hsieh CEO of Zappos. As you know…

Making it Right: Turning Breakdown Experiences into Forever Customers

It happens from time to time, despite your best efforts.  Your business dutifully prepares for seemingly every contingency and investigates each process fault point. Yet, once in awhile, something still manages to fall apart when trying to serve a customer.  The work of researchers like Amy Smith and Ruth Bolton published in the Journal of…


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