Month: May 2009

Unto Thine Own Self Be True

The current recession has many corporate leaders facing a survival challenge for the first time in their business’ history.  While this level of vulnerability may be a first for these business owners and managers, other leaders have walked that same path before them and agilely stewarded their “near death” companies back onto a trajectory of…

Free Webinar Thursday May 28th 2pm Eastern

Join me for a free webinar Thursday May 28th at 2pm Eastern.   The webinar is entitled: From the Ordinary into the Extraordinary – Creating the Total Customer Experience For dial-in and registration informaiton, please click the link below:

Doing the Best In the Worst

I’ve always believed that great leaders attempt to anticipate the often unanticipated negative consequences of their forward moving decisions.  In other words, they try to figure out what might go wrong despite their intentions to make things go right.  Conversely, I’ve been noticing that a lot of leaders are trying to make things go right…

Computer Jennerated Service

I often tell business audiences that all business is personal and that leaders create profits for people through people.  Small businesses like mine frequently have an advantage when it comes to making personal connections but lack pricing benefits when it come to scale.  Increasingly, I am seeing efforts by larger businesses to use technology to…

Talent Plus?

I am starting to worry that I am using up all my peak experiences in my 40’s and I won’t have any left over to carry me through my remaining years.  Today I went to a very special place, where people truly care about human potential and personal development.  That place can be found at…


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