The Buzz on Dr. Michelli

"It was an incredible experience having Joseph Michelli, a visionary and author of books on Starbucks, Ritz Carlton, Zappos, and Mercedes-Benz, lend his customer-centric insight to ACUITY’s formalized strategic planning process. He embraced our organization, intent on fully understanding our culture, direction, and goals, doing so with excitement and captivation. Such discernment allowed Joseph to tailor an extraordinary presentation to ACUITY’s management team, helping foster discussions and ideas that are heightening our company’s future. I was absolutely delighted and honored by Joseph Michelli’s engagement with ACUITY. His message and unique delivery style are unmatched."

Ben Salzmann

President and CEO, ACUITY, A Mutual Insurance Company

"I can’t say enough good things about the experience Joseph provided for the agents and advisors at our annual World Series of Sales. He was the first of our featured speakers and he set a high bar for all who would follow with a compelling and enthusiastic presentation that both reminded us of the importance of going above and beyond for our clients and provided us with key insights into how to make that happen across our organizations. Joseph’s real-life examples really helped drive home that all business truly is personal and that if we’re not finding a way to reach our clients on a personal level, we’re doing a disservice to them and to ourselves. I’ve already had several agents and advisors tell me that they’ve purchased Joseph’s books and are working with their staffs to begin implementing his ideas. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who wanted to help build capacity in their organization for creating positive and memorable client experiences."

Cody Foster

Founder, Advisors Excel



"Joseph provided us with an absolutely phenomenal "Michelli Experience!" He wowed our front line staff with his presentation on service; many of our folks commented that it was probably the best workshop they had ever attended. He also provided exceptional insights into leaving a leadership legacy with our donors and special friends of Lethbridge College. I have no hesitation in recommending Joseph as an outstanding speaker!"

Dr. Tracy Edwards

President and CEO, Lethbridge College

"Dr. Michelli provided an energetic and thought provoking kick-off to our annual client conference. His energy and ability to relate the experiences of his research with leading edge organizations immediately captured and inspired the audience. Our clients gave us kudos for his insights into the opportunities that exist to connect all employees to the daily delivery of a company's mission. His central message is right on the mark and even more so for organizations trying to remain competitive in today's challenging economic climate."

David Lissy

CEO, Bright Horizons

"I highly recommend Joseph to any organization that is focused on providing the highest degree of customer service and obtaining world-class results. In the competitive and crowded field of consultants and business advisers helping organizations align and integrate their customer service objectives into their core mission and daily operations, Joseph stands out. He has separated himself from the pack and, once you see him in action, you'll understand why."

Bernie Snow

Director of Organizational Development, St. David's HealthCare

"The goal of our conference was to provide small businesses with a roadmap to developing a customer service model that drives referrals through word of mouth. Dr. Joseph Michelli's workshop delivered exactly what we needed. In 20 years of conference programming his workshop has to rank at the top in terms of useable content. Too many speakers rely solely on entertainment and gimmicks. Dr. Michelli provides content that, if implemented appropriately, can actually result in meaningful change in a company's culture and in demand for their services."

David Brown

Executive Director, America Outdoors Association

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"Thank you for your help in making the Travel Alberta Industry Conference a great success. We sincerely appreciate the time and effort you took to plan and deliver excellent and thought-provoking session information. Your willingness to share your experience, expertise and knowledge helped provide participants with a valuable, practical learning experience. Evaluations for the conference have been very positive, as follows:

  • Fantastic, smart, well informed presentation from an equally smart and fantastic individual
  • Words cannot express how amazing this presentation was - WOW!!
  • Absolutely amazing - well spoken, professional, authentic, personal, genuine - a true pleasure to listen to
  • Very engaging, great messaging, relevant to business "people business" really, really well done
  • Emotional and engaging - haven't cried in a presentation before
  • Excellent!! Wow!! What else can I say!
  • Enlightening and encouraging - great speaker
  • The best and most insightful presentation"

Jean Silzer

Conference Manager, Travel Alberta

"Joseph, we could not have been more pleased with your message and the delivery of your positive strategy for success. We Get It! On behalf of our 7,000 CMAA members, the 2.3 million members of the clubs managed by CMAA members and the small business vendor community who were exposed to your presentation for the first time - a huge "Thank You".

We played hard, worked harder and succeeded in New Orleans at our 85th Annual Conference and Club Business Expo this past week. Your keynote presentation was a significant part of that success. Thank you, again, for exceeding our expectations."

Jim Singerling


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"Thank you for the outstanding presentation you gave to our managers and sales staff. Your message was right on track with our company's goals and philosophy, and you presented in such a way as to reach everyone in the audience. Your ability to share examples and insight regarding culture were an inspiration to us all. As a company moving along in a 5 year journey, your talk inspired us to continue to become better every day. Again, thank you for a great presentation and helping to make our annual sales conference a huge success." 

Steve Bunger

President & CEO, Mobile Mini, Inc.

"I highly recommended Joseph's services. He is terrific. We're holding our breath a bit because the speaker we have hired for next summit has some pretty BIG shoes to fill! We just hope we didn't raise the bar too high with Dr. Michelli!!!"

Kathi Herman

General Manager, IT&BI Business Relations, Southern California Edison


NOVEMBER 27, 2019

Joseph Michelli, Chief Experience Officer at The Michelli Experience, is celebrating a one-year anniversary as a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only organization for senior leaders to publish original content, connect and excel.

“We are so pleased to have Joseph Michelli entering year two as a member of Forbes Coaches Council," said Scott Gerber, founder and CEO of Forbes Councils. “Our mission with Forbes Councils is to bring together proven leaders from every industry, creating a curated, social capital-driven network that helps every member grow professionally and make an even greater impact on the business world, and Joseph Michelli is an important part of that community.”

"Dr. Michelli not only met our expectations, but exceeded them. When our group gave him a standing ovation, I knew he was a big hit."

Betty Thomas

Director, Expositions and Special Events, California Association of Realtors

"I would like to personally thank Joseph Michelli on his tremendously popular keynote. Our operators, exhibitors and partners were so enthusiastic about the subject and rated the presentation as one of the key highlights of the entire event."

Ana Shmin

Customer Relations & Events Manager, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft

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"Over the years I have enjoyed the privilege of hearing many top business and leadership speakers, including Joseph Michelli. Prior to hearing him speak, I had read his book "The Starbucks Experience" and thought it was a dynamic overview of Starbucks and more importantly, full of excellent business lessons for us all. But hearing Joseph live was a special occasion. Joseph was phenomenal. His presentation was absolutely full of content and practical application. His style was humorous yet sobering and his personal story was the grand finale that makes him a true "Icon" in the speaker world today. I will seek out opportunities to hear Joseph again. He is truly one of the best business speakers available today."

Mark Nichols

Chick-fil-A Franchisee

"You WOWED us beyond all expectations!! I can't thank you enough for all the time, energy and enthusiasm you brought to your presentation. And your willingness to sit in on the table discussion was completely unexpected. To top all of this off, the comments I've received from everyone, especially senior management, were all incredibly positive. Thanks again for a fabulous day."

Dana Klein

former Director, Janus Labs

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"Dr. Michelli was OUTSTANDING at our Good Morning Tucson breakfast event. His enthusiasm and expertise is just what Tucson businesses needed to hear to pump them up and motivate them to rise above their competition. We are still hearing great things about the event weeks after it took place! Our members truly took to heart Dr. Michelli's presentation and passed along the information to their own respective personnel. Dr. Michelli's open personality and depth of knowledge made for an exciting and memorable presentation."

Jack Camper

President/CEO, Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

"Dr. Joseph Michelli's presentation to the leadership of Saint Peter's Healthcare System was one of the most insightful and inspirational educational programs we have ever organized or attended. Dr. Michelli's "Prescription for Excellence" reminded and challenged us to remember our calling. We were left with not only a better understanding of WOW experiences, but how we have the potential each and every day to deliver world class service, forge lasting relationships, and change lives. We are forever grateful to Dr. Michelli for participating in our ongoing journey to excellence!"

Robert Puglisi

Leadership Development Team, Saint Peter's Healthcare System

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"It was an absolute pleasure working with Dr. Michelli leading up to and at our event. He is extremely professional, personable and is a great listener. From our pre conference phone calls he was able to tailor a keynote presentation to our audience on Leaving a Legacy that Lasts. He provide a energetic and moving presentation. Having to present to a mixed audience (home building industry professionals and their spouses) is difficult for anyone but I believe he delivered a great presentation that had an impact on many of our attendees."

Laara Braz

Awards & Events Manager, Canadian Home Builders' Association

"I recently had the opportunity to see Joseph speak to an auditorium that was engaged, moved, touched and found themselves leaving the room, realizing that something special had just happened. Joseph has gained access to and the confidence of some of the most inspirational leaders and organizations of our time. He combines the academic perspective of a PHD, with the lightness of a comedian and the human perspective of a husband, a father and an individual, who just wants to be his best. I left feeling educated, inspired and compelled to make the world, and the world of my friends and family, a better place."

Kevin MacDonald

Partner, The Coaching Department

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