Customer Engagement

5 Million Reasons to Deliver Effective Visual Storytelling Across the Branded Customer Experience

When a brand spends 5 million dollars to air a 30-second advertisement (not including production costs) during a major sporting event, the resulting commercial should aspire to the heights of visual brand storytelling. Given an estimated audience size of 100.7 million viewers (on the low side compared to prior years) the cost per impression for…

Iterative and Future Backward Customer Experience Design {Infographic}

Let’s focus on the importance of both iterative and future backward customer experience design. SaveSave SaveSave

Validate, Educate, and Activate the Customer Journey Map {Infographic}

Assuming you have developed a customer journey map based on a core segment persona, you are likely expecting that this design tool will help you improve the experience you deliver to this customer group. To maximize the effectiveness of a persona-based journey map, you must do three things well –  validate, educate, and activate. SaveSave

Abundantly Moving Beyond Business Fear

Business Fear: Afraid of Being a Loving Business? Long ago I embraced an idea that has had a profound positive effect on my business and, in turn, has helped me be more effective in the way I guide customer experience and leadership efforts on behalf my clients. It is a simple distinction found in a…

Customer Loyalty is Not the Same as Repeat Business

A Loyalty Program Doesn’t Loyalty Make – Repeat Business Is NOT The Grand Prize For clients with whom I have helped create loyalty programs, I am quick to make a somewhat unpopular set of distinctions between repeat business and customer loyalty. Given the confusion that abounds between loyalty and repeat business, I thought I would…

Redesigning Process Improvement in the Age of AI & the Customer {Infographic}

As a customer experience designer, the end goal of all process improvement is to do more that will increase customer value and effectiveness. Every process improvement effort should seek to effectively add value to customers.  

The Age of AI & the Customer

  Redesigning Process Improvement in the Age of AI & the Customer Long ago you could win in business if you had standardized processes and your competition did not. In essence, if you standardized your processes, you maximized efficiencies and drove consistency into your product creation and service delivery. Those standardization benefits are best exemplified by…


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