Customer Experience

Offer Customers Convenience and Reap the Rewards {Guest Post by Shep Hyken}

Easy. Convenient. Simple words, but when put to use as a business strategy, more powerful than you could imagine. If you can find a way to make doing business more convenient for customers, you can disrupt your competition – and maybe even an entire industry! If you want to be truly successful, you have to…

Iterative and Future Backward Customer Experience Design {Infographic}

Let’s focus on the importance of both iterative and future backward customer experience design. SaveSave SaveSave

How are you Crafting Improved and Transformative Customer Experiences?

This week we’ll focus on crafting improved and transformative customer experiences, but first, thank you to those who have shared that they are finding value in this persona-based journey mapping blog series. This is the 4thand final installment the series, so if you have missed any of the posts here are the links: #1, #2,…

Validate, Educate, and Activate the Customer Journey Map {Infographic}

Assuming you have developed a customer journey map based on a core segment persona, you are likely expecting that this design tool will help you improve the experience you deliver to this customer group. To maximize the effectiveness of a persona-based journey map, you must do three things well –  validate, educate, and activate. SaveSave

Three Keys to Effective Customer Journey Mapping

This the third in what I am planning to be a four-part series on service design, persona-based customer journey mapping, activating customer journey maps, and optimal future experience visioning. Given that we’ve set the framework for service design and persona-based journey mapping in prior posts, I will focus this installment on how to use a customer…

Persona-based Customer Journey Mapping Infographic

Persona-based journey maps serve as a research and design tool to understand the current journey of core customer segments and to find opportunities to make improvements that add value for those groups.

What is Persona-Based Customer Journey Mapping?

Persona-based customer journey mapping helps you understand core customer segments so you can add value to these groups. As promised, this weeks’ blog is a continuation of last week’s post titled Aim Before You Fire. In that post, I shared my thoughts on the importance of immersing yourself in an understanding of the core customer…

The Discipline of Service Design {Infographic}

A specific domain of experience design is service design. Let’s look at what’s needed to craft service experiences (influenced by people, process, and technology) that will engage customers, increase consumer spend, fuel loyalty, and drive referrals.

Aiming Before You Fire – Patiently Seeking Input to Guide Service Design

Recently I wrote a blog in which I offered my definition of experience design. From my vantage point, experience design is one of the core competencies of human-centric organizations along with human-centric culture, customer listening/understanding, effective change management, and productive use of customer-focused metrics. I am sure I will be addressing all of those topics in…


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