How to Benefit from the Voice of Your Employees {Guest Post}

Take a moment to think about your business. Think about the day-to-day tasks and the work that gets done. Consider who it is that is doing most of this work, investing their time and energy into bettering your company.

In nearly every case, the answer will be your employees. An employee is an invaluable resource that gives you many hours a week of hard work to keep your business running smoothly. Given all that your employees do for you, perhaps it is time to consider what you can do for them.

The Face of Your Business

Customer service is an essential element in any business, and the people who provide that service are your employees. When a customer thinks of your business, they will no doubt be thinking about the person they spoke with at your customer support call center or the employee who last helped them in your store. Given the direct effect your employees have on the customer experience and the way your business is perceived, it is essential to make them feel valued and keep them happy so the face they are presenting is a good one.

Value Their Opinions

One of the most important things you can do as an employer is listen to the voice of your employee.

Consider the way you feel when a person seeks you out to ask your opinion on a matter. There is no doubt that when you are asked in a way that makes you feel like your opinion matters, you feel valued and respected. This is exactly how your employees feel when you turn to them for advice and input on aspects of your business.

Employees Have a First-Hand View

Employees dealing with customers daily have a first-hand view of exactly what is working and what is not within your business. And not only that, they are receiving constant feedback from customers throughout the day that allows them to see trends within your business better than any charts or graphs could ever show. When you want to find out what your customers are looking for and what methods and practices within your business are working well or need to be improved upon, the best resource you can turn to is an employee.

Make Them Feel Valued

In addition to asking their opinion on specifics within your company, it is important to show an employee that they are worth investing in. Pay for them to attend conferences or trainings—this will benefit all involved, as the employee gains new skills to improve their job performance, which ultimately improves the work ethic within your business.

Oftentimes it’s the littlest things that can have the biggest impact. Ask your employees what you can do to make them feel appreciated. Remember that your employees are the face of your company—if they are happy and feel like they matter, they will work harder for you and desire to help you better your business in any way they can. An employee who feels valued will have a better attitude, and that good attitude will be evident to the customers they deal with.

Keeping Employees Loyal

Employees who feel heard and appreciated are more likely to be loyal to your business—they won’t have a reason to look elsewhere for a better work environment. When you have employees who love their jobs, word will spread about what a wonderful work culture your company has, and you will no doubt be able to hire and maintain a higher quality workforce.

Let Their Voices Be Heard

Every employee within your company should feel valued and important as part of a team, but also as an individual. Taking the time to communicate with your employees lets them know that their voices are being heard and their opinions matter, regardless of whether they are in an entry-level position, or are a manager who has been with the company for decades.

Happy Employee, Thriving Business

Your employees are one of your businesses’ greatest assets. Make them feel valued and you will reap the rewards tenfold in the knowledge they share with you, the work they do for you, and the loyalty they show your company.


About the Author: Brooke Cade is a freelance writer who’s committed to helping businesses and sales professionals build stronger connections with their customers. In her spare time, she enjoys learning more about—her CX platform of choice, reading books/articles on industry news, engaging on twitter, and exploring her local neighborhood coffee shop.

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