7+ Super Useful Tools for Improving Website Engagement {Guest Post}

Guest post by Jason Grills.

In the last decade, we’ve witnessed an unprecedented expansion in the number of websites on the internet due to increased accessibility for everyone. As estimated by Internet Live Stats the number of websites on the Internet has grown by 60% over the 2008-2018 period. This massive growth has intensified the competition among websites for attracting visitors and retaining them.

Today, the challenge for website creators is no longer limited to getting traffic. Now they need to turn those casual visitors into loyal, dedicated customers. With all the additional traffic on websites, the need for tools to measure and organize content has also increased. Let’s discuss some of the tools that can help you in improving your website engagement:


HotJar is a powerful Session Replay Software that has become a leading player in its field over the last few years. It tracks visitor movements and lets you play it back along with heat maps and detailed reports.

With detailed reports about where customers bounce off and the primary areas of click, it allows you to optimize your content with ease. It has an option to conduct a customized poll that helps you understand your visitors’ behavior and needs. It allows you to make notes and share your analysis with your co-workers to make improvements based on the results.


A comprehensive Social Integration tool, OneAll allows you to access over 35 different social media platforms for your website on a single application. By providing detailed infographics on the demographic visiting your website, it provides you with insights tailored to maximize your impact. With a cloud-based integration service, the minimal in-house development and maintenance costs make it a great tool for small start-ups to large-scale enterprises.


Social media presence and customer interaction have become the defining points of a company’s image in recent years. Mention is a Social Media Monitoring tool that allows you to monitor all mentions of your brand name across the internet in over 40 languages.

The tool allows you to view and interact with major influencers and customers. Further, it also analyzes performance and provides you with highly detailed reports on your activity, public sentiment towards you and time consumption. With different subscription packages catering to a sole person and large organizations, it caters to all segments.


Do you own an eCommerce or retail business that needs a boost in customers? Yotpo Review is an excellent review and feedback management tool to maximize your potential customers. Designed as a plug & play app, it allows you to collect reviews and insights from customers.

With a vast array of tools at its disposal, Yotpo helps turn visitors into loyal customers. It set itself apart from its competitors by offering a unique social curation tool that collects and moderates user-generated content on social media. Yotpo offers a feature-rich Free package for SMBs and a paid Powerhouse package for larger organizations.


Marketo is a marketing software aimed at simplifying and streamlining marketing related processes. It specializes in social sharing, engagement, and promotion. It comes with a native CRM platform that helps you better integrate and sync your marketing & sales teams.

Its simplified templates and features make it easy to use even for beginners not familiar with HTML. You can set parameters for data collection based on your own criteria and gather leads. It is available on a quote-based pricing system depending on the needs and size of your company.

Lithium Communities

Lithium is a constantly evolving social media management software, which has recently acquired Klout service to increase its AI and machine learning capabilities. With a plethora of consumer engagement tools at its disposal, it helps to improve your customer satisfaction and encourage customer loyalty. It offers opportunities for customers to interact with each other over many platforms.

With built-in analytics, it offers strategies to increase brand awareness and reach, while reducing the cost incurred in delivering customer service. It offers varied curated packages based on the size and needs of your organization.

ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat is a powerful live chat software, which helps improve sales with dynamic live chat. With support that integrates with lots of Third Party Tools, ProProfs Chat helps you capture more leads and analyze the browsing habits and activities of customers in real time.

This tool enables you to provide instant support from any device, by just logging into the dashboard. Its customizable interface is easy to use and doesn’t require prior knowledge of HTML or CSS. Perfect for eCommerce websites, it helps to increase sales and provide delightful service to existing and potential customers. In short, the software helps you in boosting and achieving customer satisfaction rate.

Based on our research and personal experience, we have selected these social media and marketing related tools. These may or may not be the best tools out there, but these surely are among the best tools to be found. Feel free to provide your suggestions and recommendations if you know of any other.


Author Bio:

Jason GrillsJason is a Sr. Technical Writer currently associated with ProProfs Chat. He enjoys writing about emerging customer support products, trends in the customer support industry and the financial impacts of using such tools. In his spare time, Jason likes traveling extensively to learn about new cultures and traditions. Find him on LinkedIn.

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