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It Takes a Brand to Deliver a Branded Customer Experience [Infographic]

It’s been said that every company has an established brand – some have come about theirs by default while others have done so by design. I encourage my clients not only to think about how they how they want to be known but to also do honest introspection on ways in which they can credibly…

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It Takes a Brand to Deliver a Branded Customer Experience – What are they saying about you?

Once upon a time, drug companies couldn’t advertise. Those companies marketed to physicians, not to the end user. Now television ad rotations are heavy with pharmaceutical ads – many of which not only list possible side effects but also include the sentence, “Don’t take this drug if you are allergic to it.” Seldom is a statement…

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Branded Customer Experience Delivery

P or B? Unique Value, Elasticity, and Branded Customer Experience Long before the iPod, iPad, and iPhone, there was an “I” brand from my youth that had a strong and unique brand image. With its narrow restaurant layout, high pitched distinctively blue roof, and tables adorned with multiple types of syrup. It was none other than…

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