Coca Cola

Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy – Loving your Customer and your Message

Here’s an exercise for you. Try to go one day without seeing an advertising message. Ok, how about an hour? Some subtle, others overt, marketers are finding us in as unsuspecting of places as the bottom of golf holes. Every business is talking at customers. But what makes that chatter banal or brilliant? For a…

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Do you deliver emotional value? How the little guy beat Coca Cola!

Imagine a powerful brand like Coca Cola entering into a market like Peru and losing to a local drink like Inca Kola! Why would Coca Cola, one of the worlds most powerful brands, not win market share from “the Golden Kola”  (a sweet fruity lemon verbena-flaored soda)? Here’s the answer  in two words?  EMOTIONAL VALUE…

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