Customer Experience Excellence

Customer Experience Excellence Requires Shared Communication Platforms

A few weeks ago, I wrote about organizational silos and their negative impact on seamless customer experiences. Apparently, I hit a raw nerve, as evidenced by a flood of responses from readers. Since I wrote that post Smartsheet (a solution provider that helps organizations streamline information sharing both internally and externally) announced their Achieve as One…

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Starbucks Continues on the Journey to Customer Experience Excellence [Infographic]

When you bundle these five recent announcements together, you get a sense of Starbucks’ willingness to aggressively champion evolving customer experiences and streamlined service ecosystems. In my book, The Airbnb Way, I explore the growth mindset needed to be effective in customer experience (CX) today. CX success requires an understanding (as Marshall Goldsmith puts it) that…

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The Never-ending Journey to Customer Experience Excellence

There are some fairly subtle and under-the-radar changes taking place for a brand about which, I have written two books (The Starbucks Experience and Leading the Starbucks Way). Let’s quickly look at five of them and what each tells us about the adaptive course Starbucks is taking toward continued customer experience excellence. Removal of newspapers/replaced…

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Testing and Learning for Customer Experience Excellence

On any given day I find myself playing the You know you’re old when… game. Here’s how it goes for me on broader social themes, You know you’re old when you have to explain to someone what a pay phone was or when you reflect back on the Sears catalog. From a customer experience perspective, that…

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Small is the New Big: Customer Experience Excellence One Opportunity at a Time

His name is Adolpho Kamisky and though he is not someone I’d heard about in history classes, he truly is a larger than life hero of World War II. From my vantage point, Adolpho has a lot to teach us about the impact we can have on our team members and customers. Beyond the Stereotype…

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