It’s Emotional – Listen to the Feelings Behind the Words

Thank you for joining me on this third installment in my series “It’s Emotional – Creating an Unprecedented Team and Customer Experience in the Pandemic.” This series is designed to offer tools to manage your emotions as well as support the emotional journey of your prospects and customers. A couple of installments back I talked about…

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Empathy and Connection: The Not So Secret Weapons for Customer Experience and Life Success

While in Las Vegas last week in the immediate aftermath of one America’s most horrific mass shootings, I was overcome by a myriad of emotions. Beyond obvious and deep sorrow, I was struck by confusion over the intentions of the perpetrator and heartened by the outpouring of genuine compassion and concern of locals and visitors…

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Experience Delivery = Quality Products + Service Excellence + Empathy

I am blessed to be attending the gala Singapore Experience Awards as a guest of the Singapore Tourism Board.  I was asked earlier in the year to serve as a judge to help determine the best experience providers in Singapore.  As you likely know, I am a fan of this uniquely special city/state and truly…

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