Can you “Gamify” your Customer Experience? Lessons from the Highway

Have you thought about “gamifying” your customer experience? Over the past number of months, I’ve been spending time with senior leaders on the Starbucks Digital Ventures team.  Given the rise of popularity of mobile technology, Starbucks has “gamified” such things as Foursquare check-ins at Starbucks cafes.  Designers have also developed a customer reward program interface…

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Building the road with hope and positivity

Half full or Half Empty? A new Gallup poll suggests optimists outnumber pessimists 2 to 1 – at least when it comes to expectations for the US economy in 2011.  Given that data, I have a series of questions for you and your company: Do you share optimism for 2011? If so, how are you…

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AT&T vs Verizon – A seriously improved customer experience?

Much will be written about the battle of the titans  – AT&T vs. Verizon!   Thanks, of course, to AT&T’s lost monopoly on the Iphone. AT&T will argue they have a “faster” customer experience and Verizon will suggest they are more “reliable.” In the end, prices should come down on Iphone data plans and features…

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The Starbucks Experience is Back…or Is it?

As the author of The Starbucks Experience, I endured predictions of the brands demise from some very esteemed colleagues.  With rounds of layoffs, a January 29th 2009 announcement that 3oo stores were closing, a cooling economy, and increased competition for the gourmet coffee market, it was looking like Starbucks was on the ropes! While other’s…

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Customer Connections by the Facts Not by Total Nonsense

While researching the book I just completed about elevating the “patient experience” in healthcare, I encountered a powerful quote about the “lemming mentality” of business leadership. In their book entitled “Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths and Total Nonsense,” Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert Sutton note, “Business decisions, as many of our colleagues in business and your own…

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