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Everyone Has a Platform: Are You Training For that Reality? | Service Excellence

As many of you know, Snapchat’s new design has sparked considerable criticism, but a simple tweet by celebrity Kylie Jenner purportedly contributed to a freefall for Snapchat’s stock. Here’s how social media reporter Megan Hills tells it in a Fortune article titled Snapchat’s $1.3 Billion Drop in Value Is Linked to A Kardashian: The entrepreneur and Kardashian half-sister…

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Keys to Choosing Customer-Centric Business Tactics

A clearly defined business strategy makes tactical decision-making easier. Let’s take the case of Home Depot, one of the major US-based home improvement big box retailers. Home Depot competes aggressively head-to-head with the Lowes brand. Home Depot’s story is well-told in the 1999 book Built from Scratch: How a Couple of Regular Guys Grew The…

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