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Stronger Through Adversity | Leave the Island

Thank you for joining me for this series titled Stronger Through Adversity. The book by the same name is based on conversations I’ve had with more than 140 global leaders as they navigate through COVID-19. I wrote the following in Stronger Through Adversity, “Unfortunately, many leaders lose perspective on their limitations and carry an inordinate responsibility…

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Being Surprisingly Kind | Starting a Movement for Customer Experience and Beyond

I learned long ago that when multiple forces in the universe point in the same direction, you should probably pay attention. So, this is what has captured my attention these days – it’s a kindness movement. I hope you will read on and participate to the degree you feel similarly moved. Surprisingly Kind We are…

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The Art of Selling through Human Experience Creation [Infographic]

The next few weeks will be “make or break” for retailers. With more shopping occurring online (particularly through mobile devices), brick and mortar retailers are looking for ways to get people to leap from their couches and into their stores. For example, traditional retailers like Saks are creating multichannel experiences for Frozen 2 holiday window…

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Human Experience in A Technological World

My momma used to say, “If you can’t say something nice – don’t say anything at all.” That guidance has typically proven to be invaluable. Today, however, I am going to skate on the edge of mom’s wisdom. I will not name the villains in the story I am about to share, but I also…

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It’s Viral, It’s Video Storytelling – Live Visuals Rule

For a period in human history, all we had were spoken words. Later we learned to communicate through written symbols and today it seems the most preferred communication medium is words shared through video. Great customer experience brands are not only “visual storytellers” but they are supporting their customers as those brand loyalists visually communicate…

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