Effective Visual Storytelling {Infographic}

When a brand spends 5 million dollars to air a 30-second advertisement (not including production costs) during a major sporting event, the resulting commercial should aspire to the heights of visual brand storytelling. Since so much rides on these big bet advertisements, let’s deconstruct a few of the visual storytelling offerings from the big game…

Old Things That Endure {Infographic}

In the early days of my career, companies that I worked with, like Starbucks, were actively deploying test and learn approaches for all aspects of the customer experience. Many elements in test and learns fail in their initial presentation but frequently evolve into breakthrough successes through continued iterative design. Let’s look at examples of customer experience…

How to Drive Your Brand Voice Through Customer Experience {Infographic}

I’ve been working with a group of entrepreneurs to help them drive a branded customer experience at each of their businesses. During my last interaction with these business executives, I asked each of them to bring ten recent emails they had written, ten emails written by their team members for customer consumption, company blogs, and…

A Blast from the Past! {Infographic}

Back in 2013 I read a report by customer experience research and consulting group Walker, titled Customer 2020. I remember thinking that 2020 sounded like a year ominously far away and that the study’s conclusions were futuristic and almost otherworldly. Now that we have entered 2019, I’d give Walker an A for prediction accuracy. They…

Deliver Convenience Before the Year Ends {Infographic}

As I’ve been working with Airbnb, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to focus on customer experience delivery in the context of the burgeoning sharing economy. While there are vast differences between guest experience excellence at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company (the focus of my book The New Gold Standard) and what is needed to create a memorable…

Doing What’s Right {Infographic}

It’s easy to write books about sleek, high-profile brands like Mercedes-Benz, Starbucks, Ritz-Carlton, and Zappos, but I am way overdue in giving a nod to leaders and team members at Clayton who’ve impressed me with their commitment to live their mission “to open doors to a better life and help families build happiness through homeownership.”

The Laws of Brand Storytelling {Infographic}

Let me tell you a story about two storytellers and their new book about storytelling. Those storytellers are Ekaterina Walter and Jessica Gioglio, and the book is The Laws of Brand Storytelling.

Customer Experience Secret Sauce {Infographic}

Consistently delivering an extraordinary customer experience is challenging, however understanding what you need to do to differentiate your business isn’t that difficult – it comes down to four things.  

Customer Experience Research {Infographic}

I was fortunate to be an early adopter of Salesforce’s customer success solutions. It’s not my nature to be the first in the water when it comes to technology, but I was eager to shift from a clunky and expensive CRM to the Salesforce cloud. Through the years, I’ve also been blessed to present on behalf…

Getting Lift with Wearables and IoT {Infographic}

Let’s focus on the role that the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables are playing in the evolving traveler experience at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG).


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