Cherish and Challenge Your Legacy | How to Deliver World-Class Customer Experiences – Leading the Starbucks Way

This is the final post in a 5-post series about my book Leading the Starbucks Way: 5 Principles to Connect with Your Customers, Your Products, and Your People. In the context of Cherish and Challenge Your Legacy, I asked, then CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz what he wanted his legacy to be. He responded, “I want to…

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Legacy Schmegacy – What Will You Be Known For?

Political pundits recently have been opining about the likely legacy of various global political leaders including Fidel Castro and President Barack Obama. Certainly, the word legacy seems fitting for leaders who play on the world stage, but what about the rest of us – ordinary people trying to lead our families, communities, and businesses? Is the…

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Leaving a Leadership Legacy

Whenever I consider offering customer experience consulting services for a prospective business client, I interview senior leadership and ask a lot of questions that get at motivation and their perceived purpose for the potential partnership. Early in my career I was so excited “to be considered for work” that I didn’t understand the importance of due diligence when connecting your brand with someone else’s business.  In the context of my “goodness…

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