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Service Excellence – A matter of Equality AND Inequality

While George Orwell’s 1945 book Animal Farm was intended to be an allegorical critique of Stalinism, one of the commandments which evolves during the book’s journey has always intrigued me from the perspective of client service and customer experience. That commandment reads as follows: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”…

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Taking a Bold Stand for Service Excellence – How about you?

Raise your hand if you think service and convenience stores are opposing concepts.  You can put your hand down now, since this is a blog and I can’t see you. My general impression has always been that convenience stores sell….well convenience and commodities.  But my perception was challenged by a fairly recent strategic course adjustment…

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Who’s in Charge? The Customer or You

I see it all too often but today the confrontation was epic! Let me set the stage in my best boxing ring announcer voice…. “In the red corner, a loud, brash, entitled customer  and  in the blue corner a poorly selected and ill-trained staff…..” Cesar Ritz, the founder of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, iscredited with…

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An honest letter from YOUR customer. Do you dare read it?

I KNOW that my brain works in strange ways.  But for some reason, I started thinking about what a customer would say to owners and leaders about their honest wants, needs, and desires if they wrote them in a compact letter.  Here’s my take…. Dear Business Owner/Leader: Please do what you say you will and…

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Doing Good and Doing Well

Installment 6 of my holiday retrospective is a classic example of how businesses can create truly memorable experiences…. From my book The New Gold Standard …  Salazar, age 12, was a champion figure skater who began noticing pain in her legs while preparing for a regional competition as a step toward the Olympics. While originally thinking…

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Being a Leader and Being the Experience!

As this Christmas week commences, I will take time in gratitude to reflect on all those who have supported, influenced, and guided me.  During this period of reflection, I’ll provide blog posts which reflect excerpts from my past and upcoming books. Let’s look back to the wisdom of the co-author of my book When Fish…

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In the bottom of the 9th, it comes down to “talent”

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants for bringing the first World Series pennant to the city by the bay.  By all estimations San Francisco lacked the “star power” of other teams in Major League Baseball but what they lacked in “superstardom” they made up for in talent consistency, passion, and excellent tactical leadership. Undoubtedly San…

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Talent Plus?

I am starting to worry that I am using up all my peak experiences in my 40’s and I won’t have any left over to carry me through my remaining years.  Today I went to a very special place, where people truly care about human potential and personal development.  That place can be found at…

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