Trust is the Currency of Relationships | Customer Experience Excellence – The Airbnb Way

This is the second in a 5-post series. This week we continue to journey through key concepts found in my 10 leadership books and pick up our exploration of my book titled The Airbnb Way – 5 Leadership Lessons for Igniting Growth through Loyalty, Community, and Belonging. Last week we touched on belonging, this week we highlight trust and in the weeks ahead…

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{Guest Post} Customer Service May Be Killing Trust in Your Brand

A guest post by Barbara Brooks Kimmel: Who hasn’t spent, wasted time on the phone attempting to resolve a problem with a company whose brand is meant to enhance, not detract from your life? My guess is you have. Comcast, Verizon, utility providers and particularly health insurance companies are among the first worst offenders. The call…

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High Trust = Happy Employees = Happy Customers = Happy Shareholders = Happy Leaders

You might say I am on a “trust” kick. In last week’s blog, I highlighted a US decline in social trust (a precipitous drop of 46% points from 1964 to 2016). I also opined on the critical role of trust in strengthening the social contract between businesses and customers. Finally, I asserted that trust begets trust.…

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Winning Customer Experience – Simple Matters of Trust

Customer Experience and Trust…hmmm. Here’s three quick questions to engage your brain. 1) How would you answer the following?  “Most people can be trusted” – True or False? 2) What percentage of Americans answered “True” to that question in 1964? and, 3) What percentage of Americans answered “True” to the same question in 2016? If…

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