From business guru Joseph Michelli―the leadership lessons you need to navigate your team and company through the greatest business crisis in modern history, for long-lasting success.

Within days of COVID-19 disrupting the business world, Joseph Michelli began asking senior leaders at major companies about their specific challenges and how they were meeting them, getting raw yet thoughtful real-time insights into the greatest business crisis in generations.

Now, in Stronger through Adversity, Michelli provides the invaluable wisdom he gained from 140+ top global business leaders on all aspects of leading through and beyond COVID-19, including crisis management, keeping employees and customers safe, maintaining a culture of engagement, rapidly innovating, and more. You’ll find winning leadership methods based on interviews with leaders of Target, Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Feeding America, United Way, Verizon, Southwest Airlines, Goldman Sachs, and H&R Block.

In addition to actionable advice for leading through crises, you’ll find inspirational stories about how the featured leaders triaged problems unlike any they had ever encountered, pivoted their focus and actions on a daily basis, and managed their teams and businesses in the most extreme conditions.

"What if you could spend time with some of the world’s most successful leaders? What if those leaders authentically shared their business tactics, setbacks, and successes? There’s no need for ‘what ifs.’ In Stronger Through Adversity, Joseph Michelli gives you exclusive access to leaders that will help you transform your business, strengthen your leadership, and maximize resilience. This is a much needed book for our times."

Brian Walsh

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, The REAL Entrepreneur

"Joseph Michelli strikes the right balance between sound, pragmatic strategy, and compassionate leadership. In the context of the pandemic, Joseph shares insights from extraordinary global leaders on how to provide physical and emotional safety for teams and customers. He offers direction and realistic optimism needed to navigate rattling economic environments. Stronger Through Adversity is a must read for anyone seeking to thrive well-beyond the pandemic!”

Ellen Rohr

COO ZOOM DRAIN and the author of Where Did the Money Go

"With compelling stories and great writing, Michelli shares insights of top leaders dealing with one of the most profound, worldwide crises of our time. This book reveals how major CEOs thrive under pressure and leverage their teams and organizations to remain agile and survive adversity."

Marshall Goldsmith

New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There
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Watch video excerpts from some of the conversations Joseph had with book contributors and get a more personal look at the leaders behind the quotes.

"Full of sage advice from top CEOs and powerful tools to implement their ideas, Stronger Through Adversity is exactly what you need to be a highly effective leader in difficult times and beyond."

John Spence

Author of Awesomely Simple, Top business thought leader and leadership development expert

"Filled with wisdom, insights, and analysis, Stronger Through Adversity offers hope and practical tools to lead, inspire, and thrive. Through conversations with strategic leaders of some of the world’s most recognized companies, Joseph Michelli reminds us all of the importance of leadership, self-care, empathy, and compassion."

Chip Conley

Airbnb Strategic Advisor for Hospitality & Leadership, Modern Elder Academy Founder

“This is an extraordinary book that is loaded with lessons to help you and your business succeed! Get this book now. Let it change your life!”

Brian Tracy



A portion of the book's proceeds are being donated to Direct Relief in support of first responders across the globe. By purchasing Stronger Through Adversity for yourself and colleagues, you are also contributing to those who have and will continue to address the health and economic consequences of the pandemic.