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Pause, Reflect and Learn – How Looking Back Actually Helps You Surge Forward

While writing my book Stronger Through Adversity – World-Class Leaders Share Pandemic-Tested Lessons on Thriving During the Toughest Challenges, I stumbled upon research conducted by David Hoff and W. Warner Burke, which is summarized in their book: One of many key takeaways from research on learning agility is the importance of taking time to reflect…

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7 Workplace Wellness Ideas That Boost Employee Engagement {Guest Post}

Guest post by Clara Masters: Did you know that only 29% of employees report feeling engaged at work? The remainder are either indifferent to their work or completely uninterested. Given that engagement is tied to both wellness and productivity, it’s an issue that needs to be taken seriously. Luckily, there are lots of ways to inspire any…

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How to Rebuild Trust Among Dissatisfied Customers {Guest Post}

Customers’ experience cogently affects a brand’s reputation in the market. According to Vision Critical, 80% of customers won’t buy from companies with negative reviews.  This means that a mutually satisfactory relationship with customers is a vital element of every growing business. So, if you want to reduce and eliminate dissatisfaction among your customers, you should react…

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Offer Customers Convenience and Reap the Rewards {Guest Post by Shep Hyken}

Easy. Convenient. Simple words, but when put to use as a business strategy, more powerful than you could imagine. If you can find a way to make doing business more convenient for customers, you can disrupt your competition – and maybe even an entire industry! If you want to be truly successful, you have to…

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What is CRM? | Infographic {Guest Post}

My, my, the world of sales has come a long way in just a few decades: From tablets of paper and loads of pens, most salespeople can now access online-based information gathering systems that tell them everything from a customer’s first contact with a business to what they prefer and who their key contacts are.…

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{Guest Post} Customer Service May Be Killing Trust in Your Brand

A guest post by Barbara Brooks Kimmel: Who hasn’t spent, wasted time on the phone attempting to resolve a problem with a company whose brand is meant to enhance, not detract from your life? My guess is you have. Comcast, Verizon, utility providers and particularly health insurance companies are among the first worst offenders. The call…

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{Guest Post} Emotional Analysis Of Customer Feedback: The Missing Link

According to Bruce Temkin’s 2016 study, after a positive emotional experience, customers are 15 times more likely to recommend a company. 15 times more likely! That’s a huge difference. Not surprisingly, emotion analysis is receiving a lot of buzz. But do the current solutions deliver on the key question that companies should be asking themselves: How…

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{Guest Infographic} Portrait of a Mobile Consumer

Infographic originally published to & design by Maureen Sanford.

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How to Benefit from the Voice of Your Employees {Guest Post}

Take a moment to think about your business. Think about the day-to-day tasks and the work that gets done. Consider who it is that is doing most of this work, investing their time and energy into bettering your company. In nearly every case, the answer will be your employees. An employee is an invaluable resource…

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