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Legendary Brand | What’s Your Story? [Infographic]

Brands that become legends produce experiences that turn into stories and leaders at those brands actively mine those stories to create spontaneous buzz or to produce lasting epic or signature stories. Many legendary stories emerge from those who have received extraordinary service while other stories can come from the founding of your business. Other brand…

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The End: Sharing Brand Stories Differently!

One week’s episode might begin with Kate and Toby dealing with the challenges of their recently born premature baby boy only to have the next scene jump to an interaction between Kate’s parents (Jack and Rebecca) which occurred before Kate and her siblings were born. If you followed that sentence at all, you are likely…

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5 Million Reasons to Deliver Effective Visual Storytelling Across the Branded Customer Experience

When a brand spends 5 million dollars to air a 30-second advertisement (not including production costs) during a major sporting event, the resulting commercial should aspire to the heights of visual brand storytelling. Given an estimated audience size of 100.7 million viewers (on the low side compared to prior years) the cost per impression for…

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The Laws of Brand Storytelling {Infographic}

Let me tell you a story about two storytellers and their new book about storytelling. Those storytellers are Ekaterina Walter and Jessica Gioglio, and the book is The Laws of Brand Storytelling.

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The Laws of Brand Storytelling – Delivering your Brand in Moments and Memories

The Native American Hopi tribe have a saying that goes, “Those who tell the stories rule the world.”  Storytellers certainly have been a powerful force throughout history and may even be more important today thanks to the amplification of their messages through the internet. While I love the Hopi saying, I have taken storytelling license…

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