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Return on Experience – The Pot of Gold at the End of the CX Rainbow (Infographic)

In this week’s blog, I discussed a concept I refer to as ROE. Please refer back to the blog for more detail.  Otherwise, this infographic captures Return On Experience (ROE) and research that demonstrates it.

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Not Top Of Mind But Top Of Heart – When Branding Gets REAL

Here are some important terms of art when it comes to understanding the strength of your brand: Brand Awareness – the visibility of your brand and it’s products/services in the eyes of consumers. Branding Campaigns – tactical strategies for driving brand awareness. Impressions – how many customers actually lay eyes on elements of your branding…

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Challenging Awakeness – From Favorite to Former

It seems so trivial but it really is the “little things” that annoy consumers.  I was at a sandwich shop recently where I purchased a $7 roast beef sandwich.  After paying the cashier, a sandwich preparer advised me that they were out of roast beef and asked if I would like another option.  My secondary…

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