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Create a Hostile Environment for the Ungrateful

I often consult with leaders who are trying to develop human-centric cultures. In the context of that work, I have shared my view that it’s essential to make it easy for compassionate and caring people to stay with your business and also to make it easy for ungrateful and scarcity-minded people to find employment elsewhere.…

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Two Magic Words {Infographic}

Thank you for sharing one of your most valuable resources – your time. Let’s do a quick recap of the science of appreciating customers and then get down to business.

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Human Experience Requires Gratitude

My parents told me, I told my children, and I suspect they will tell their children two magic words. In the United States, during this time of year, these words play prominently in family gatherings. The good news is the magic of these words extends well beyond family relationships, so let me use them in…

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