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Legendary Brand | What’s Your Story? [Infographic]

Brands that become legends produce experiences that turn into stories and leaders at those brands actively mine those stories to create spontaneous buzz or to produce lasting epic or signature stories. Many legendary stories emerge from those who have received extraordinary service while other stories can come from the founding of your business. Other brand…

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Legendary Brand: What’s Your Story

I’m currently in Sydney, Australia, preparing to share insights with business leaders based on the strategy and tactics of legendary brands like Mercedes-Benz and Starbucks. For me, a legendary brand (often companies with whom I’ve worked and/or about whom I’ve written) is a company that is extraordinary on two levels: They consistently deliver elevated human experiences…

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Is your brand a myth, story, or legend?

I admit I wasn’t paying adequate attention when my elementary school teacher covered this but as someone who works with and writes about “legendary” brands I now have a compelling interest….and so should you. How would you categorize your company? …. a myth, story or a legend.  Here are some quick definitions to aid your…

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