Tony Hsieh

A Case Study for 2014 – Learning from Legendary Leaders

In the spirit of being lifelong learners this new year, and every year for that matter, let me share a new word  I learned recently:  holacracy.  I am assuming you may have see this word buzzing around the Web lately. My connection to the word comes through Tony Hsieh CEO of Zappos. As you know…

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The Power of Story – Betabrand

I was backstage  with Chris Lindland CEO of Betabrand recently at a Zappos All Hands meeting and I couldn’t help but conclude that he may have best demonstrated the power of an “engaging story.”  In fact, I would dare to say that for awhile his entire brand with a fable without a deliverable product.  Lest…

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What would Drucker Do?

Peter Drucker, undoubtedly one of the world’s most influential management consultants, would have been 100 years old next month.  Drucker died 5 years ago but his advise is much needed today. Drucker’s body of work spans 39 books and as such is impossible to capture in a short blog but at it’s core his message…

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